Attack on Titan 1×10 Reaction

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Comment (17)

  1. Sigh… every time the unlock with patreon button is like rolling a pair of dice. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Why can’t they just fix this glitch? It has been going on since I pledged months ago.

  2. Fixed it by logging out, logging in, and clicking “Connect to Patreon” right after that. I had to “Connect with Patreon” again to watch the episode but the video showed up

  3. I can’t watch the video guys, it says unable connect to vimeo….. not only this episode but previous episode too, i can’t watch them anymore. Thank You……

  4. Fixed it, you can only watch these video’s if you’re IP address is from the U.S. Please try to fix this, I don’t want to use a VPN everytime I log on to this site.